Writing Announcements

If you’re reading this, you’re someone who has supported my writing in the past. You might, therefore, appreciate the below writing-related announcements as well. Forgive me if this means of communication feels impersonal or intrusive, but this web page form letter seemed the easiest way to reach the greatest number of you.

My First Book!

Journal Your Way to Bliss book cover

Without further ado, it is official: I am now a published author! My new book, Journal Your Way to Bliss, was published this week on Amazon.com as part of their Kindle Direct Publishing program.

To be honest, JYWTB is more of a booklet than a book, at around 50 pages in length. But it’s a useful 50 pages, or so I’d like to think. It’s a daily journal with guided meditations designed to elicit the reader’s gratitude. Feeling grateful has been proven to make you happier and healthier, and Journal Your Way to Bliss is intended to make gratitude become a habit. This book is perfect for the Thanksgiving season and would make a great stocking stuffer, too. It’s available as an ebook or in print as a paperback. Check it out on Amazon.

Request for Support

As exciting an announcement as that is, my gratitude book was merely a proof of concept for my “real” project: I’m writing a gay romance novel! (I have a whole series of books planned out, actually.)

I really need your support. I’m trying to write full time, but I still have rent to pay, plus there are some book-related expenses (pertaining to cover artwork) that can’t be avoided. That’s where my GoFundMe comes into play. I know, I know… it feels like panhandling to me a bit, too, but patronage of the arts has always been a thing, and this is just a modern form of that.

Go Fund Me

Journal Your Way to Bliss was a ton of work for such a minor book release, but it was an invaluable experience that taught me some great lessons. I’m gung ho now to tackle fiction, and already have several chapters completed.

If you fund my book, you’ll get a signed copy for free when it’s published, and my lifelong indebtedness and loyalty, as well, obviously. You’ll also sleep better at night, I’m sure, knowing you’re helping to fund the arts on a very personal level. Check out my GoFundMe.