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Discover the life-changing power of gratitude and learn how to make it a daily habit with The Minute-Plus Journal, which explores the science of habit formation and the myriad benefits of gratitude and provides a framework to apply that knowledge to readers’ lives.

Using the included 9-week gratitude journal, readers will create optimal conditions to transform a state of gratefulness into a daily habit, one that will be performed automatically without the need for any conscious decision to do so. Once gratitude is internalized, readers will notice improvements in their well-being, relationships, and overall happiness.

P. Parker Goddin’s book will appeal to fans of Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit and James Clear’s Atomic Habits, as it continues the dialogue started in those books and provides updates based on the latest research in neuroscience. The Minute-Plus Journal is a combination overview, appendix, and instruction manual for Duhigg’s and Clear’s bestsellers, with the potential to transform readers’ lives by facilitating the creation of a transformative habit: gratitude.

The Minute-Plus Journal:

Harness the Science of Habit Formation to Internalize a Grateful Mindset

by P. Parker Goddin

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