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Washington D.C.’s infamous traffic circles, designed by L’Enfant, are conveniently navigated by residents but are fairly troublesome for tourists and visitors.


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Meridian Hill Park in NW Washington D.C. is a 12-acre urban park based on an Italian aristocrat’s private residence. It’s a few blocks away from my house.

Are Streets, Like Fences, A Relic of Another Era?

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[Written by Paul Goddin for Mobility Lab]


“Good fences make good neighbors,” Robert Frost wrote in the poem “Mending Wall.”

It is a line that captures the 1914 poem’s themes of boundaries, ownership, and privacy perfectly. But today, 100 years later, fences are becoming more of a quaint notion in an increasingly urbanized world.

According to the United Nations, which has been tracking world urbanization patterns for years, 81 percent of Americans currently live in urban areas. This is a worldwide migration trend as well, with more than half of the world’s population now residing in cities.

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