Vancouver Cyclist

How to Combat “Bikelash”? Embrace it.

There will always be those who are resistant to change. These are the people who fight the Columbia Pike Streetcar despite credible evidence of its return on investment. These are the ones who use rhetoric like “war on cars” and are fond of excessive punctuation. And lately, these are the people who write angry op-eds to …

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Are Suburbs The Secret to Walkability in D.C.?

Washington D.C. is the most walkable metropolitan area in the U.S., according to a report by George Washington University and Smart Growth America. The District’s number-one ranking has surprised some, prompting them to ask how D.C. was able to surpass places such as New York City, which not only contains one of the best subway …

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5 Ways DC Metro Beats NYC Subway

New York City’s Subway system, run by the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), is the largest rapid transit system in the United States. With service 24 hours per day and an extensive network of 421 stations, virtually all of Manhattan and most of the outer boroughs are within a quick walk of the system – …

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