D.C. Housing May be Less Expensive than the Suburbs

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[By Paul Goddin for Mobility Lab]

Dupont Circle

The conventional wisdom is that living in the city is much more expensive than living outside of it.

Taxes, entertainment, and groceries all add up to a slightly higher cost of living in the city. Housing, though, is the expense that tips the scales decidedly in favor of the suburbs. Or does it?

With car payments and car costs at their highest levels ever, transportation costs can rebalance the scales in favor of the city. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider the cost of transportation when deciding where to live.

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Ride Public Transportation, Find Love?

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[By Paul Goddin for Mobility Lab]

There seems to be quite a lot of flirting, or at least furtive glancing, taking place on public transportation.

A new series of Metro ads celebrating the opening of the Silver Line suggests the new rail line to Reston might not only connect Washington D.C. residents with jobs and housing, but with dating opportunities as well. There is data suggesting some truth to this idea.

According to research by Dorothy Gambrell, public transportation is a good place to find a date. Using data culled from Craigslist ”missed connection” ads (sample post: “I saw you on the C Train, blue shirt and gold tie, but was too shy to ask for your number”), Gambrell mapped the most frequently-cited locations mentioned in the ads, per state. Her observations were published in Psychology Today last year.

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