Business Leaders Network to Make Transportation Easier in Arlington

“One of the biggest benefits of being part of this program is learning what other companies are doing,” says Christine Ng of Environ, a science and technology consultancy that is one of hundreds of businesses served by Arlington Transportation Partners.

Her compliment of ATP is captured in one of a series of videos shot at the ATP 2014 Champions Breakfast Ceremony in January and released this week.

ATP’s Champions program formally recognizes Arlington businesses that pay extra attention to the way their employees commute to work. By awarding several levels of achievement, Champions is a fun way to engage the county’s employers, and encourage them to promote walking, biking, carpooling, and riding transit among employees.

Representatives from Virginia Hospital Center, the State Department, Dittmar Company, NRECA, National Science Foundation, and Fors Marsh Group were among the 122 companies present at the event.

ATP’s innovative Champions program not only recognizes award winners at an annual ceremony, but also promotes them year-round with magazine advertisements, blog posts, and videos such as the one accompanying this article.

This is for good reason, according to Chris Hamilton, bureau chief of Arlington County Commuter Services. Hamilton, shown below, said, “The secret of Arlington County’s success is this private-sector help that Arlington receives from these companies.”

Champions aren’t the only beneficiaries in this program. Dennis Leach, Arlington County Director of Transportation, shown above, said, “Our research has shown that making it easy for workers or tenants get where they want to go is [Arlington’s] competitive advantage.”

Additional videos, including interviews with individual Champions awards winners, are available at the ATP YouTube page.

Splash photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash. Story photo by MV Jantzen.

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