Paul Goddin

Words & Picturesve

This Website is promotional in nature, collecting the writing, photography, and artwork of a guy named Paul Goddin, a longtime resident of Washington, D.C. who was born in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Paul’s notable creative works — not only those published in various corners of the Interwebs but also others gathering dust in a cardboard box somewhere — have been collected together here at and serve as documentation of his creative life.

Mobility Lab in Arlington, VA

Stories from Mobility Lab

Paul’s writing from Mobility Lab is collected here: over 100 articles on active transportation, plus a couple of stories that were “too hot” for the government-funded Website.

Stories from Medium

Most of Paul’s writing as a freelancer appear under the Medium banner. These blog posts center on pop culture, technology, and writing. Most of them are collected here.

The White House

Photos & Art

Paul is both an amateur photographer and artist, as well as a city explorer par excellence. Notable photos and artwork are collected here.